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On TRACK against Corruption.

Welcome to TRACK, the central platform of “Tools and Resources for Anti-Corruption Knowledge” developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Legal Library

From here, you can access the Legal Library related to the United Nations Convention against Corruption using the links from the main menu or the world map. The Legal library contains laws, jurisprudence and information on anti-corruption authorities from over 175 States worldwide, indexed and searchable according to each provision of the Convention.


Corruption Themes

Corruption affects all countries, whether developed or developing, and impacts various segments of society. The information under “corruption themes” highlights some of these consequences and provides an overview of the various ways in which corruption affects different sectors, including the judiciary, education, the health sector and the environment.

Anti-Corruption Authorities

Members of anti-corruption authorities often encounter challenges and difficulties when attempting to locate their counterparts in other countries and regions, particularly when it comes to investigations and cases with a cross-jurisdictional dimension. The page of “Anti-Corruption Authorities” includes a non-exhaustive list of organizations engaged in the fight against corruption on the national, regional and international level, together with website links, where available. In addition, registered officials from anti-corruption commissions can have access to the TRACK Practitioners’ Corner, which is designed to give them access to a shared space and community of practice.

Partners & Practitioners

Registered users will be able to access their shared communities of practice via the partner and practitioner pages from the main menu. These pages are still under development and will be available soon.

Tools & Publications

You can use the anti-corruption learning platform to search and access publications, tools and analytical materials of the TRACK partner institutions. Please refer to the link to “Resources” from the main menu.
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